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What this game is about

Gamers make even contributions to the general fund. Each of them has an equal chance of winning. As the lobby fills up, a draw takes place. The lucky winner gets the total prize pool.

Race3 is a run for success. The game follows the genre of car racing. Here players drive NFT cars of 4 rarities. Each rarity gives access to one of 4 tracks.

The blockchain serves as the storage for all NFTs and race results. Blockchain technology allows to securely and transparently collect, store and transfer data. This means that all in-game assets and transactions are solidly protected.

A public smart contract regulates all actions in the game. Players simply need to connect their crypto wallet to start. Race3 supports all types of wallets.

Win at high speed!

How to start a race?

Step 1
  • On the top of this page click "Connect wallet".
  • Choose from two options and connect Metamask wallet or any other wallet you prefer.
  • In case if you use a mobile device, download any Dapp browser or use your in-built wallet browser.
  • Step 2
  • Buy or claim a free giftbox.
  • Unpack it in your profile. Each box contains 3 NFT cars.
  • To qualify and play, you must buy tickets. Minimal amount is 10 pieces, and there's no maximum.
  • Step 3
  • Visit the All Races page. Select Qualification tab and choose any available race.
  • Click Participate and accept all permissions, and your NFT car will be shown in the list of participants after all transactions get approved.
  • Wait for results. In case of your victory, click Withdraw in your profile history.
  • Video instruction

    Click on the title & show the video


    Summer '23
    • Gaming smart contract release
    • Adding features to game mechanics
    • Alpha testing
    • Closed Beta testing
    • Start of sales of in-game assets
    • Start building community
    • Start building a mobile application for Race3 V1
    Autumn ‘23
    • Public Beta testing
    • Seed investment round
    • Introducing new NFT car models
    • Introducing NFT tracks and NFT racers
    • Introducing skins for NFT racers
    • Launch of an in-game marketplace
    Winter ‘23 — Winter ‘24
    • Introducing lore
    • Major updates to the gameplay
    • Private investment round
    • Start building an application for Race3 V2


    Read core information about the game

    What is Race3?

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    Race3 is one of a kind play-to-earn lottery, a virtual portal to Web3 racing. In the game, every player is a blockchain racer who competes to gain profit.

    How to start?

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    • Use any Dapp browser
    • Open this website
    • Connect any of your crypto wallets
    • Press "Receive" to get a free gift box
    • Press "Unpack"
    • Buy entry tickets to participate in races
    • Go to the room with "Qualification" status
    • Click Participate, and then select from your NFT cars and make all the approvements
    • The notification about results of the race will appear in your browser, or you may check your profile
    Best of luck in getting the speediest NFT cars!

    What are the rules?

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    NFT cards with prominent car models allow users to participate in races. Just get yourself a pack of entry tickets and compete. One ticket = one race.
    There are 4 initial types of tracks.
    The minimal ticket pack for sale is 10 pieces.

    Apply for qualification. Wait in the lobby for one of two events of your choice:
    1. Option by time: if there are 2 or more participants in the racing room, then at a certain X time, the race starts.
    2. Option by filling: if there are 20 people in the racing room, then by adding the last one the game starts automatically.

    Can you give an example of gameplay and winning mechanics?

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    Sure thing, racer!
    How does the win reward work?
    Here’s an example.
    There is a room with 2 participants.
    Both participants pay $10 each and receive 10 racing entry tickets to auto races each.
    Total number of tickets is 20 pieces. Both players can race by 10 times.
    The general pool is $20-[10%(platform commission)] = $18.
    Amount of participants in all races is these 2. Let's assume one of the racers wins all races.
    So, user 1 wins.
    His reward will be calculated according to the formula:
    Race Reward = Race Bank / Total Number of Tickets x Race Entrants = $18 / 20 x 2 = $18.

    What are the NFT boxes?

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    The box is an in-game asset that contains NFT cards with racing cars of different rarities.

    The starting gift mystery box contains not 1, but 3 free collectible racing NFT cards of random rarity!

    Probability of dropping a card of a certain rarity from a box:

    1st rarity85%
    2nd rarity10%
    3st rarity4.5%
    4st rarity0.5%

    Surely, you can buy as many boxes as you want. Buy them right here, on our website.

    Buy boxes you can by the link below.

    Link: https://race3portal.com/boxes

    To open boxes, visit the link below ("My Boxes" tab):

    Link: https://race3portal.com/profile

    How to buy tickets?

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    Just like the boxes, you can buy them right here.

    Link: https://race3portal.com/tickets

    Tell more about car rarities and racing tracks.

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    All cars have variable characteristics: controllability, accumulator capacity, speed, power, and chargers.
    In later versions of the lottery, users will be able to not only drive on racing tracks but also purchase or rent the entire tracks and get rewards for holding races (stay updated, folks!).
    Every asset is carefully guarded and operated by the smart contract, and all game results get securely stored on the blockchain.

    Cars are presented in 16 beautiful colors.

    The rarity of cards:

    • Rarity 1: Zippy
    • Rarity 2: Supertune
    • Rarity 3: Astonisher
    • Rarity 4: Godspeed

    In Race3 players race and earn real money on various tracks, including mountains, futuristic settings, world megacities, and championship circuits. As the project develops, we will constantly add new and new tracks.

    How can I withdraw my winnings?

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    Just go to your personal dashboard. And press the “withdraw” button in race history for the relevant race. Yes, it’s easy.

    Link: https://race3portal.com/profile

    Is the lottery on-chain?

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    Yes, it is. This means that the Race3 lottery operates completely on blockchain. All the results are traced, operated, stored, and protected with blockchain technology. Our smart contracts are stable, secure, and completely transparent.

    I’m stuck on pending a transaction on my wallet

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    No worries! :) Just reset your wallet account. For any wallet service, the process generally looks like this. Go to: Wallet Settings > Advanced > Reset account. This should clear all your pending transactions.

    Meet our team

    We're fully transparent

    Pavlo Bolhar

    CTO, Co-Founder

    Alex Malanii

    Head of Design, Co-Founder

    Maria Alexeieva


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    Please, reach out to us on collaboration, questions about the product, partnerships, and bugs.

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